by Higher Learning



released June 29, 2011


tags: hardcore punk


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Track Name: Walking Backwards
Rotting at the core and rife with decay
The self defined “Utopia” we call the modern day
A functionalist system, oppressive morbid state
That feeds us death and lies and teaches us to hate
The Machine has grown strong and now excels at deceiving
Says “Wealth fame and power are the only joys worth achieving
Exaltation for the mighty but no blessing for the meek
If they’ve no instrumental value, they’re worthless and they’re weak.”

Striving for excess pleasure and experience void of pain
The people shirk the ancient virtue that to suffer is to gain
So they consume the system’s poisons, drug themselves until their numb
And the alert, the awake, the aware are now the deaf, the blind, the dumb
They now sleep as dormant children tucked inside disaster’s womb
Their lifeless human spirit laid in a cubicle shaped tomb
The false self is exalted, the mind is sold to pride
That blinds us all from the innate truths that each person holds inside.
Track Name: No Good Reason
No good reason, no good way
No explanation for what you say
Lies and hate and filth you spew
Nothing that you say is true

Leave me alone. Leave me alone.

No good reason, no good way
No explanation for what you say
Judge me with your finger pointed
Stand as if you were anointed

Leave me alone. Leave me alone.

No good reason, no good way
No explanation for what you say
Spare me your self-righteousness
Shut your mouth I could care less

Leave me alone. Leave me alone.

No thought to how you act
No thought in what you say
You don’t think at all
Get away.
Track Name: Get Me Out
An eight hour shift it blows my mind
My feet hurt so bad it ought to be a crime
Work my hardest but getting nowhere
Gotta find a way out.
Working harder, harder for their own gain
Need to find a way, get me out of here
Working harder, harder for their own gain
Need to find a way out of here.

Working day by day makes my anger grow
So much pressure I’m about to explode
But there’s no other choice for an employee like me
So I raise my fist and I’m gunna scream
Get me out! I need some relief
From a boring life that only brings me grief.
Track Name: Iron Tigers
Trampled, stepped on, unloved and unwanted
Tormented by demons, by addictions haunted
Belittled and spat on, unwanted and misused
Insulted and taunted, laughed at and abused

Turn away quickly, turn your head up and shudder
Afraid of our brothers who sleep in the gutter
Iron Tigers growl as their prodded and shoved
What would the Iron Tiger do if it was valued and loved?
Track Name: Minute Man
Minuteman, Minuteman
Proud true blooded American
Protect the greatest country on the globe
Rear your child to be a xenophobe
Minuteman, Minuteman Neo-Con Republican
Praise Glen Beck and Hannity
Spout Nativist insanity
Proud soldier for your nativist institution
Remove what you define as foreign pollution
In your self righteousness and the deeds that you do
You forget your ancestors were immigrants too.

“American” is now defined by the origin of kin,
The language you speak and the color of your skin
“Spanish is the language for drug dealers and queers”
Though it predates English in the west by a good 200 years

Minuteman, Minuteman
Closet member of the Klu Klux Klan
Preserve your culture and your race
Put those wetbacks in their place
Politicize your racial scorn
No Nothing Party’s now reborn

Odian a los Chicanos y Centro Americanos
Como odiaban a los Polacos, Irlandezes, Italianos
Encontrando nuevas maneras oprimir los imigrantes
Que no son blancos, no son ricos y no son Protestantes

Aqui Estamos Y No Nos Vamos.
Track Name: Wither
Thinking back to when I was a child
The spirit was truest and the soul ran wild
Time was not of value we could do whatever
Then it all changed and it wasn’t for the better
They cried “The epoch of life is dead and it’s done”
And they jumped into their coffins at the age of 21

Spirit died. Was the whole thing untrue?
Did the bright, bubbling baby turn cold, dead and blue?
The shinning silver now corroded to rust
And a love for all things true now replaced by a lust
For power and glory and wants we will never obtain
That nag at the soul and birth suffering and pain
No joy waits for us in the path that we’ve chosen
Our light has extinguished, our spirit is now frozen.

We now wither in the shadow void of reason and of rhyme
Unknowing time was made for man, and man not made for time.
Track Name: Machine
“I will grant you a future void of struggle and of shame
Dispose upon you glory, success, fortune and fame
Your life is but a moment, that shortly will expire
So pursue all wants you crave and take what you desire
Desensitize your guilt and from conscience secede
Pursue all forms of excess and surrender to your greed
Your power shall pour forth, and all will praise your name
Your legacy shall be, void of tarnish and of blame
You will rise above the stars a self made god is what you'll be
And I can give you all these things if you give yourself to me.”

System of Hate that makes the soul spoil
Diagnoses false sickness then prescribes us snake oil
Machine. Machine. Machine. Machine.

“Now that I’ve seduced you, through your vanity and pride
I’ve stripped you of your worth and left you desolate inside
I've raped you, and abused you, in you implanted my seed
That has blossomed to destruction, hate and oppressive deed
You cannot use my tools against me, don’t you know I self sustain
Efforts to infiltrate my system only help my rule maintain
I’ve drugged you through deceit, you've no idea what takes place
And now you judge all merit on economic wealth and race
I’ve extinguished your inner flame, destroyed what you were meant to be
And all this I’ve accomplished because you gave yourself to me.”