Triumph of Innocence

by Higher Learning

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released October 7, 2014

photo by Daniel Torres.



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Higher Learning

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Track Name: Intro ( A Light in the darkness)
The Light shines in the darkness
The Light for which man has yearned
But man still clings to the darkness
For man still has not learned
That the darkness is a void that no soul can ever fill
That this thing we call existence is not subject to mankind’s will
Still they’ve replaced the objective with the subjective
And removed all purpose from existence
Save a continual, self-loving, sanctimonious insistence
On a failed soteriology they call “progress” or “revolution”
A re-invented square wheel they deem the lasting solution
As they boast themselves the highest in pretentious satisfaction
To hell with their “revolution”
We stand opposed as The Reaction
Reality is not defined by one’s appetites or rules
That’s a sick disease, filled with holes like cheese, philosophy of fools
A corrosive, deadly poison that turns the soul to dust
Like the sicko who kills some helpless child and then proclaims such action just
Behold mankind’s so called “free thought” a chained down, barbed wired, box
And any soul outside its grasp is dismissed as a dumb ox
But only the dumb ox can bellow out the Song, Sacred and Profound
That will shake the earth and smash their tower of babble to the ground
Paraclete come charge down burning, true muse that doth inspire
And any soul whose come to hate its chains, rise up, collect the fire.
Track Name: Collecting the Fire
(Sisters and Brothers with your chains now unbound
Let your soul scream aloud to the Liberation sound)

The darkness came to snuff the Light
Chanting in chorus that might makes right
While sophists squawked, prescribing cures
In gross unknowing that only Love endures

True Flame burning fierce and bright
Strong against the hungry night
Remaining souls Collect The Fire
Lest we fade, lest we expire
Shielded like a hand in glove
Consume us Furnace of Love
Discard the lies the sophists said
Ethics live. Virtue is not dead.

Collecting the Fire
Furious uncompromising torch
Collecting the Fire
The deficiency of night to scorch
Collecting the Fire
Wakeful, perpetually aflame
Collecting the Fire
Enduring, forever the same.
Track Name: Ser Libre
La fuerza para aguantar
A dar todo en vez te tomar
Y con amor a todo, advanzar
Eso es ser libre

Ser despierto en vez de dormír
Protejer en vez de oprímir
Y dar tu vida a servír
Eso es ser libre

Construir en vez de romper
La virtud de la alma, aprender
Y despues de una caida, pararce, y crecer
Eso es ser libre

Saber que tienes dignidad
Y que existes solo para la verdad
Sin miedo, en paz y en libertad
Eso es ser libre
Y eso es alma libre.

The strength to endure, to give instead of taking
and with love in all things, advance
That is to be free.

To be awake instead of sleeping,
to protect instead of oppress and give your life in service of others.
That is to be free.

To construct instead of destroy, To learn the virtue of the soul,
and after one’s fall, to rise up and grow
That is to be free.

To know that you possess dignity and that you exist solely for truth, without fear, in peace and in liberty.
That is to be free.
And that is the free soul.
Track Name: My Sister
They instructed you to think you were an object
They influenced you to think you were a prize
They conditioned you to slavery that you might be lorded over
They taught you it’s your goal to be despised

Feet bound make no sound face without a soul
Pleasure bringer nothing more under male control
White noise, status quo, personality prescribed
Conform to the norm, liberty always denied

The whole of human value they have cheapened
Spread sickness and boasted it as cure
Confused each half with fallacies and falsehoods
Tainted what was functioning and pure.

My Sister
You have been hated
My Sister
You’ve been degraded
My Sister
Your body has been razed
My Sister
Your value has been de-praised.

Sister I’ve seen my part in your obstruction
I’ve seen my hand in your destruction
And I hate my part in your obstruction
And I’ll have no more part in your destruction
Track Name: Oppressor
Maintain the language “Right and Wrong”
Is obsolete, life’s for the strong
Claim evolution hates the weak
Hence its power one must seek
For power it makes opinions sway
And übermensch he must have his way
So smash the frail, violence extend
it’s all coming back for you in the end.

We can read your soul right through
You’re a coward and you know its true
Flexing strength and walking tall
You’re the weakest of us all

Might makes right or so you say
Till the strong comes along and takes your rights away
The standard you set is the grave that you dig
So you can scoff, you can strut
And fall to your doom pig.
Track Name: Transhumanist Breakdown
Sung to sleep by a demonic scream
Awaken within the existential dream
Harvested up as a faceless clone
To inhabit the dark with the dead dry bones
Where you’ll ignore your want of purpose and such void’s natural frustration
Because your senses are bombarded by perpetual stimulation
Narcissistic, blue eyed, nihilist fast asleep in cyber space
Your now the evolutionary pinnacle of the “holy” human race

A Dying Human Race.

Hedón is now made god
Its ways are sacrosanct and hallow
Unaware that we’re indentured to the empty and the shallow
Intellect is contradiction and self-worship does imply
We’ll be proud patriots of hell: where the soul goes to die

Life within your own confines
Guided by horoscopic signs
Plucked and read from magazines
Organic food and fair trade jeans
That cleanse the blackest soul to pure
And strive to find mortality’s cure
Advertised as “eastern and chaste”
Though it’s just occidental waste

You know were not too interested in teaching Colby right and wrong
We just want her to know she’s unique
Then to another self-obsessed adult
Eager to paint the future bleak

My son Chayden can do whatever he likes
So long as the means justify the ends
Your son Chayden doesn’t have parents because they’re trying to be his friends!

Facebook, sitcoms, TV shows
A Marching emperor without clothes
Art reduced to self-obsession
Or a subconscious portrait of mass depression
Yet nobody asks, “will this sustain?”
Because culture’s grown sick, hollow and vain.
Soul possessed by appetite
Ego only, no wrong, no right.
Track Name: Morning Star
Morning star rising tall
Morning star about to fall
Morning star pride’s made you swell
Morning star cast down to hell

Morning star rising fast
Morning star will not last
Morning star basking in pride
Morning star shriveled has died.

Morning star rising tall
Morning star about to fall
Morning star pride’s made you swell
Morning star cast down straight to hell.

(Let’s see how bright the future looks at the bottom)

How far must we fall?

Exalt yourselves as rulers; in truth to self we’re slaves
And our temples, towers and palaces are crosses, chains and graves
But if Truth is non-existent, then ignorance is bliss
Slavery is an orgy and misery is a kiss

How far must we fall?
The choice is yours and mine
How far must we fall?
We are running out of time.
Track Name: Arete
The smoke it rose, to blot the sun
But the Light shone through, it would not be overcome
I saw the raised, hostile hand of the adulterated
Engulfed by the Sincere and obliterated
I heard the Mother’s loving song ignite the spark
I heard the Child’s joyful laughter burn away the dark
I saw the grass and flowers bloom, devouring the depraved
Singing out the Word that liberated the enslaved
I saw the hollow soul cast away the lies that it had dreamed
I saw the whole human race unshackled and redeemed
I felt my place in the presence of the vast triumphant throng
I heard the Triumph of Innocence, manifested in their song

“Universal Truth for which my soul is yearning
Instruct us in the ways of Higher Learning.”
Track Name: Perpetual Spring
Come see the fire, it still burns, the youth still sing
This world shall bloom in the perpetual spring
Preserve the light
Your will has a choice, come join the fight
And keep this pyre of truth burning bright
And remain free

For the world they’ve made won’t self sustain,
A world where people from the truth refrain and worship fears
Gorge on rotted flesh and get drunk on tears
And all wisdom falls on deaf ears
Can’t you see?

That we’re just fools with good intentions unfulfilled
Who stand back and watch as the martyrs are killed
And as there blood flows
Your true allegiance and character shows
And their sacrifice, it blooms like a rose
To keep us free

The gentle, soft and cooling spring
A simple joy, to my soul does bring
Live how you feel
But I’ll only live for what’s True and Real
And to crush the serpent’s head with my heel
And remain free

Embrace the primal infancy
And view this life in its simplicity
While you still can
This is the true nature and purpose of man
But the choice is yours and it’s in your hands
Because you’re free…