Crowd Pleaser

by Higher Learning

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Put on your costume, ride the trend
Polish your mask and make pretend
No content or meaning in the music you play
Hardcore reduced to a generic cliche

We see the hate, behind your eyes
Rehearsed words can't hide a mouthful of lies

'We'll use the master's tools against him',"World changing" fools
Do you not become the master when you pick up his tools?
But your only here for ego, not community
Big label or trend changes? You give up integrity

But you wont get fame from hardcore, you lying two faced slob
If you want to make cash, you go work an office job.

No Rockstars.
No Fakers.
No Sellouts.
No Takers.

Crowd Pleaser.


released May 23, 2015
Our guests would like to thank

"Yo shout out tah all dah homies, Chain Reaction, SOMA San Diego, In N Out burger and Troglodytes 'R Us Cross-Fit!!!"

TONY 'TIL DEATH: "Yo diz twack be dedicated tah Wizilly hxc Huzuwey-Lewie-N'Dewie an' dah hahdcoh fellaz in Paw'iah and Unda'curwent...WUD UP!"

ANGIE: "Don'tchu tawk oh say anotha wohd about hahdcow infrana me you asshowl oh I'll nawk ya dayum teeth outta ya head!"



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