Transhumanist Breakdown

from by Higher Learning

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Sung to sleep by a demonic scream
Awaken within the existential dream
Harvested up as a faceless clone
To inhabit the dark with the dead dry bones
Where you’ll ignore your want of purpose and such void’s natural frustration
Because your senses are bombarded by perpetual stimulation
Narcissistic, blue eyed, nihilist fast asleep in cyber space
Your now the evolutionary pinnacle of the “holy” human race

A Dying Human Race.

Hedón is now made god
Its ways are sacrosanct and hallow
Unaware that we’re indentured to the empty and the shallow
Intellect is contradiction and self-worship does imply
We’ll be proud patriots of hell: where the soul goes to die

Life within your own confines
Guided by horoscopic signs
Plucked and read from magazines
Organic food and fair trade jeans
That cleanse the blackest soul to pure
And strive to find mortality’s cure
Advertised as “eastern and chaste”
Though it’s just occidental waste

You know were not too interested in teaching Colby right and wrong
We just want her to know she’s unique
Then to another self-obsessed adult
Eager to paint the future bleak

My son Chayden can do whatever he likes
So long as the means justify the ends
Your son Chayden doesn’t have parents because they’re trying to be his friends!

Facebook, sitcoms, TV shows
A Marching emperor without clothes
Art reduced to self-obsession
Or a subconscious portrait of mass depression
Yet nobody asks, “will this sustain?”
Because culture’s grown sick, hollow and vain.
Soul possessed by appetite
Ego only, no wrong, no right.


from Triumph of Innocence, released October 7, 2014


tags: hardcore punk


all rights reserved


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